Book Releases :)

Yours for Eternity (historical anthology) Aug. 31, 2010
Devoured by Darkness (Tane's story) Nov. 30, 2010
Bound by Darkness tentatively scheduled for Aug. 2011


Anonymous said...

I started reading your books about two weeks ago (when I finally got my hands on my very own nook *squeal with joy*) and I'm currently working on Darkness Revealed and I absolutely, positively love them all. I'm dying to see what happens in Salvatore's story because he was such an intriguing character in Darkness Everlasting. Alas my OCD personality won't allow me the pleasure of indulging in that story till I've plowed trough the preceding stories. Even though the wait is killing me I'm enjoy the books to the max. This leading men that you come up with are *sigh* there's just no words that can do them justice. If only real men were like that. Asking for too much, huh? I get a bit greedy sometimes *LOL*. I hope you keep on delighting us with such great stories and that you remain on the B&N ebook bandwagon so I can carry all this wonderful books with me and enjoy them at length were ever life takes me. You're a brilliant writer.

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